1st/ 2nd class- Ms Flynn


We were busy during spring.  We created acrostic poems and beautiful sunflowers.  Check out our colourful displays.

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Fun on Proclamation Day

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Engineers Week 2016

We had great fun acting as engineers.  We constructed using Lego and magnetic shapes.  We tried to make tall structures using small blocks, lollipop sticks and plastic cups.  It was annoying when they fell over but we enjoyed thinking of ways to make them stay standing.  We also made paper aeroplanes and had races to see which one could fly the furthest.  We used a website called kbs kids engineering games to build sandcastles on the Interactive White Board and we used the iPads to research the jobs that engineers do.

2016-03-03 14.25.30 2016-03-03 14.25.39 2016-03-03 14.25.46 2016-03-03 14.25.53 2016-03-03 14.26.42 2016-03-03 14.26.50 2016-03-03 14.26.55 2016-03-03 14.26.58-1 2016-03-03 14.27.11102We also had a poster competition.  Ms. Flynn had a tough decision to make but the winners were Kieran and Lucy.

2016-03-09 14.57.24

World Book Day

We were busy on World Book Day.  We brought in our favourite books and wrote book reviews on them.  In the afternoon, Ms. Stirrat’s class visited our room and we did some buddy reading.  This was great fun and we hope they will visit again before the end of the year.




We have been learning about fractions.  We made circles using quarters.


We have been learning about a famous artist called Picasso.  We used pastels to create these cubist portraits.


We had great fun constructing using 3-D shapes. Check out our photos below!

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Here we are with our amazing creations!

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Here are our hopes for 2016!


Road Safety
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We all dressed up for Halloween. We went into the hall and performed some songs and poems.  It was great fun!

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We painted colourful autumn trees.


Check out our acrostic poems!


We made flags in anticipation for the big game.

An Bhoth abú!


Féach ar ár scríbhneoireacht agus ealaín!


In history we are looking at how we have changed. We brought in baby photographs to see the differences in ourselves.


We have been busy in our art lessons.  Check out our self-portraits!