Second Class – Mrs Sherry

Engineer’s Week

During Engineer’s week we participated in a range of activities.  We completed posters entitled ‘Engineering our Future’, we tried to make bridges, buildings, windmills, machines and vehicles using a variety of equipment. We even had fun making paper planes. Below are some pictures of the constructions we made.

2016-03-04 14.47.362016-03-04 14.47.572016-03-04 14.49.112016-03-04 14.49.482016-03-04 14.49.552016-03-04 14.58.05

The Titanic

We were learning about the Titanic in History. The children really enjoyed learning and reading about the Titanic.2016-03-03 16.33.09


Chinese New Year was celebrated on the 8th of February this year. This year  is the Year of the Monkey.

2016-03-03 16.33.18

World Book Day: March 3rd 2016

In class the children completed a Book Swap and we also completed a ‘Show and Tell’  activity on our favourite books. We also made bookmarks and received a book token to buy a book. Happy Reading everyone!!!

2016-03-04 10.49.37

Science Week
imageDuring Science week we learned about the ‘The Water Cycle’. We worked in groups to make a display,  we conducted some experiments on the theme of water and also learned a song about the water cycle.

We carried out an experiment called ‘Magic  Water’ to show some of the stages of the water cycle.



We tested different liquids to see what would happen them when placed in a freezer overnight.

SESE: Geography


We drew a picture map of Scotstown. We had great fun improving our mapping skills!



In Maths we learnt  about 2D shapes.We made some wonderful 2D shape pictures.We cut out shapes and created different designs.What shapes can you spot?

2016-03-02 14.20.20 2016-03-02 14.23.03 2016-03-02 14.23.17 2016-03-02 14.23.20 2016-03-02 14.23.23

We made 3D shapes. It was tricky getting them to stick together. It involved alot of concentrating! At home we had to look for examples of 3D shapes . There are lots of examples of 3D shapes in our environment. Can you think of any?

Looking and Responding:Pablo Picasso




We are preparing for our First Penance.It will take place on the 8th of March. We read a story called The Good Shepherd. We are very busy learning the Prayers for and after Forgiveness and the Act of Sorrow.








An Caitheamh Aimsire is fearr liom