3rd class Ms Kildea

Our school tour:

On the 5th of May 2016 third and fourth class went on our school tour to Oxford Island Discovery Centre. Oxford Island is on Lough Neagh. When we got up there we were split into three groups.  We learned a lot about birds and eels. We went on a woodland walk and while we were there we searched for mini beasts. We saw a robin called Bobby. There were a number of stuffed animals. After a while, we had great fun pond dipping. Some people found a stickleback, a water boatman, a water mite, a blood worm and some other creatures. We had great fun all day and enjoyed the bus journey with all of our friends! Our tour was funded by Monaghan County Council……go raibh maith agaibh!IMG_20160505_125657 IMG_20160505_125805 IMG_20160505_125844 IMG_20160505_132336 IMG_20160505_132427 IMG_20160505_132536 IMG_20160505_132609 IMG_20160505_132628 IMG_20160505_132634 IMG_20160505_132835 IMG_20160505_132845 IMG_20160505_132914 IMG_20160505_133045 IMG_20160505_133059We completed individual revision projects for homework over the past couple of weeks. We had to choose topics in History, Geography and Science that we had already learned about. We had to write some of facts that we knew for each topic on posters and decorate them. Everybody enjoyed the challenge! Here are some photographs of us admiring each other’s projects. IMG_20160316_104551 IMG_20160316_104650 IMG_20160316_104658 IMG_20160316_104818

All of Rang a Trí and Rang a Ceathair joined together to play a coin toss game on Proclamation day. We then posed for class photographs in our old fashioned costumes.
IMG_20160315_114835 IMG_20160315_120157 IMG_20160315_121627

We made structures with cocktails sticks and sweets for Engineers’ week. It was lots of fun!IMG_20160304_145540 IMG_20160304_145553 IMG_20160304_145610 IMG_20160304_145813 IMG_20160304_145836 IMG_20160304_145905

We made Easter chick cards on our last day before the holidays. Some of the early finishers got to pose for and take photographs with the creations!IMG_20160316_142350 IMG_20160316_142611 IMG_20160316_142734 IMG_20160316_142846 IMG_20160316_143042 IMG_20160316_143157

We read the play All Aboard the Ark for our English reading. We then did a performance in the class. We quickly improvised some props to make us look more like animals. Can you guess what we are supposed to be?IMG_20160314_104343 IMG_20160314_104406 IMG_20160314_104419 IMG_20160314_104451 IMG_20160314_104514 IMG_20160314_104527 IMG_20160314_104545 IMG_20160314_104602 IMG_20160314_104638

We made circuits in science. Then we tested lots of different classroom items to see if they were conductors or insulators. We really enjoyed our investigations. IMG_20160215_143156 IMG_20160215_143239 IMG_20160215_143258 IMG_20160215_143519 IMG_20160215_143736 IMG_20160215_144143 IMG_20160215_144331 IMG_20160215_144346 IMG_20160215_144735

The 1st of February was St. Brigid’s Day. We made crosses from rushes and performed a prayer service for the whole school. IMG_20160201_134434

In science we have been learning about static electricity. In our groups we investigated ways of making and displaying static electricity. We then presented our work to the rest of the class.IMG_20160203_104659 IMG_20160203_104656 IMG_20160203_104004 IMG_20160203_103830 IMG_20160203_103758

We looked at some of the artwork by the Brazilian artist Romero Britto. We felt inspired by his work and created a display in his style. IMG_20160203_122936 IMG_20160203_122925 IMG_20160203_122920 IMG_20160203_122908

We have been learning about Co. Monaghan in Geography. Here is a sample of the Monaghan crests that we designed ourselves.



We wrote all about our hopes and dreams for 2016.IMG_20160203_122657

We decorated Celtic designs and made our own designs using salt dough. 20160107_132151

We had lots of fun learning about fractions……yum!
20160107_132118Here are some pictures of our winter displays. We drew polar bears with various expressions. The lovely colours behind them are our versions of the northern lights. You can’t read them but we also wrote acrostic “Winter” poems to add to the display. 20160107_13210920160107_132143IMG_8104

This is a photo of the display of our stories “The day I got flattened!”. We enjoyed reading about Flat Stanley that much that we were inspired to write our own stories.


We read a lot of stories about the legends of Ulster. We painted a big picture of Setanta hitting the ball at the hound of Culann. It is tghe scene from the story that led to him getting the name Cúchulainn


We enjoyed writing spooky poems!

As we are now in Rang a Trí we didn’t get to take part in the infant concert for Halloween. Instead, we had great fun dressing up and dancing so that we could make this video. This is the first video we have made this year. Hopefully we will make lots more!

Click on the link below to watch our Dark Disco!



We have been busy settling back into school life and new routines in the last few weeks. Here are a few examples of the work we have completed and our class displays…….Tús maith leath na hoibre!

20150918_153421 20150918_153427 20150918_153443 20150918_153458 20150918_153508 20150918_153621 20150918_153633 20150918_153647