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The Train To Morrow

Watch our performance of the recitation, ‘The Train To Morrow’.


Tiger Sharks

We learned all about tiger sharks and did research to find out even more. Here is Éimear Clerkin’s report based on what she learned.

Tiger Sharks

By Eimear Clerkin

Where are tiger sharks from?

This shark has been seen around Mexico, South America, North America and the Caribbean Sea. The tiger shark has also been spotted in places like Africa, India, Australia, Hong Kong and China.


What do they eat?

Tiger sharks eat fish, other sharks and animals. These animals have a very big appetite and eat even when they aren’t hungry. The tiger shark only attacks humans when they feel they are in danger.


The life of the tiger shark

Tiger sharks remain inside their mother for 14-16 months. Baby tiger sharks are called pups. The female tiger shark can have up to 10-80 pups. The tiger shark can live up to 27-50 years in total.


What does the tiger shark look like?

Tiger sharks look a bit like a tiger. They can grow up to 14-20 feet in length. They weigh about 850-1,400 pounds. Tiger sharks have good eyesight and this is why they sometimes hunt at night. Tiger sharks can camouflage themselves in the natural green and blue water surroundings.


Dánta 1916

Scríobh na páistí dánta faoin 1916 Éirí Amach.


1916 Éirí Amach

Adults meeting, people fleeing, the rising has begun,

We were excited at the prospect, but now it isn’t fun.

My parents are worried,  are all afraid,

On Sackville Street took place a raid.

Furniture, silks, satins taken,

The British are coming,

But we are not yet beaten.

My parents and I want to escape from the fighting,

The guns and this forsaken place.

The soldiers have landed, there is no escaping now,

I want to help but I just don’t know how.

Machine gun-fire hits the houses,

Followed by screams and horrific noises.

The buildings are in ruin, there is nowhere to hide,

Father is wounded, I think he might die.

Díreach ansin, tháinig Elizabeth O’Farrell as an teach le brat bán

Agus chuir sí deireadh leis an t-Éirí Amach.

But our country still wanted their say,

And eventually chased the rule of Britain away.

And the many deaths in our generation,

Caused them to keep fighting for the rights in our proclamation.


By Aoibheánn Nic Uaidh & Roibeard Mac Rodáin



1916 was the year

When rebellion filled the air

On Easter Monday morn

Shots rang out through our land

Men and women stood hand in hand

To fight for Ireland’s rights.

Brothers and sisters stood together

To bring to light our great fight.

Dublin city showed the way on the 24th day

The G.P.O. became the headquarters

And is now an historical place

Where Pádraig Pearse read with pride

The proclamation to our people.

Alas they were brought to their knees and sadly

In the month of May,

These brave lives were stolen away.

Shots rang out within the walls of Kilmainham Gaol.

One hundred years have now passed from that day

We all celebrate in our own way

How Ireland’s history changed.

Thank you, to those brave few.

By Jack Evans Buick


1916 when Ireland was green

We had a plan to get back our land

We knocked on their door

And declared war.

They fought back so we attacked

We formed an army,

Women and men to conquer them.

I went down the road on my way home

And saw a light before me.

It was the light of the leaders making a plan

To do what they could to get back our land.

We may have lost but they paid the cost

We got some land in the end

After having to go round the crooked bend.

Bígí ag smaoineamh ar na daoine a throid ar son ár dtír

Táimíd buíoch dúinn

Sin an scéal fíor.


By Niamh Nic Cinna & Zoe Ní Chianáin.



It was the spring of 1916

We were doing our usual routine

When we heard the news

We hoped we wouldn’t lose

The fight for Irish control

Hoping in the end we would patrol.


Life at school was fun

But to get there we had to run

Unfortunately we were not taught Irish

Because of the rule made by the English

Hopefully we can create history

And keep up the protest like the tories.


On the radio they are saying

The Irish are putting up a fight

They are battling hard day and night

Struggling to the bitter end

Making sure the Irish message will send.


Beimíd ag tnúth go mór don lae

Nuair a gheobhaimíd ár Saoirse

Is méanár Éireannach dúinn.


By Zachary & Ciarán.


The 1916 Rising

No money, no food, life was tough,

Our houses in 1916, when Britain ruled Ireland were bare,

No warm clothes to wear,

The people of Ireland said enough is enough.


We followed our leaders,

Connolly and Pearse,

But the British had machinery guns,

And the fighting was fierce,


They shot our men, they shot our children,

As people lay dying, and mothers lay crying,

They had too much armour, and the German guns didn’t make it,

We couldn’t bear this so we had to quit trying.


By Caoimhe Keenan



Easter is coming,

No eggs will be bought.

There’s a rebellion,

To be fought!


The men

Are all ready.

The army is growing



Weapons are being


Tensions are



James Padraig Séan and


Training and waiting,


Easter is coming

It will be

a new beginning!


By Shane Keenan.


1916 Rising

I am an Irish schoolboy,

In Dublin I was born,

The English came to Ireland,

And attacked in the morn.


James Conolly, Seàn Mac Dermott,

And others too,

Stood their ground,

For one and all of you.

The GPO was knocked down,

Kilmainham Gaol was used,

The amount of people who were killed,

Nobody was amused.


Now I’m living my life,

Oh so very happily,

The Irish fought for our freedom,

For peace and harmony.


By Caolium Mullen


1916 Easter Rising

1916 was the time of the rising,

Two countries together where fighting,

Children were as poor as poor could be,

Adults were fighting, they needed to be saved.

Guns were fired, people got tired,

The women of Ireland tried to stop,

But it was too late before some were shot.


When it was over the British had won,

They probably thought it was fun,

At least we tried our best,

Or we would be like the British rest


Finally we had no British rules,

But lots of silly war tools,

We have only six counties lost now,

That’s better than nothing,

Or we would have been all owned by Britian, boring .

By Caitlin Meehan
The Easter Rising

On 24th  of April 1916 The Easter Rebellion began

With Pádraig Pearse

Who led the team for the good of the republican man

He wanted the British rulers to leave our country alone


And joined by a 200-strong army, he wasn’t on his own

But the British had too many men and we were quickly suppressed

The men of the I.R.B. had done their very best.


By Domhnall Moyna


1916 Easter Rising

As we remember the Easter Rising 1916,

And how our people fought

Like James Connolly’s army.

And Padraig Mac Pairias reading,

The Proclaimation

For our country’s independence,

Outside our country’s headquaters

At Dublin’s GPO.

There were gun shots,

bomb explosions, deaths

and injuries but still

the people of Ireland

fought, so that one day

we could be free from

British rule and as

Irish Citizens, could stand

and say we are

proud to be Irish.


By Nicholas Sherlock.


1916 Rising

In 1916 things were bad,

Everything was starting to get mad,

As England was out at war,

Ireland took the chance to get their independence.


As the British were away,

The Irish had to play,

They tried their best and they would not rest.


As the Rebels and Britain were fighting in war,

They didn’t think about the killed, the wounded and the sore.

Eventually Ireland gave up,

They still were in for bad luck,

As many of them were executed,

What bad luck.


Many died as a lot of people had known,

The Irish really tried hard and it was definitely known.


But now we’re lucky,

Because the fighting is over,

The British own six and we own the rest

I think Ireland is the best!


By Eimear Clerkin




The Rising began in Easter week 1916,

The bloody battle in Dublin could be seen.

Volunteers both women and men,

Decided to fight for what belonged to them.

Padraig Pearse read the Proclaimation of the Irish Republic.

The British flag was removed, and this left the British hooved,

The flag of the Irish Republic and the Irish Tricolour were flown instead.

If only for a while, this helped the Irish sleep happily in bed.

By Rachel Mc Cabe


1916 Easter Rising

Easter Monday 1916 is a day that we won’t forget.

The rebellion for Irish Independence broke out.

People started to jump, scream and shout.

People were shot.

People were wounded and fell on the floor.


Here we are one hundred years on,

The thoughts will never go away of the tragic events,

That happened that day.


By Rebecca Sherry.


The 1916 Rising

100 years ago

Brave Irish men took

Over the G.P.O.

They fought for our freedom

And national pride

They loaded their guns

To get liberty for Irish sons

They lost the battle

But won the war

And what brave men they were.

By Conor Keenan


1916 Rising


Today is the day we are fighting for independence.

We are fed up under British rule,

and we think it isn’t cool,

We decide to get up and fight,

with all of our might,

All of our hands are red,

from all the people that bled,

The British burned down the GPO,

and all of us said, “Oh no!”

After a while we decide to surrender,

this is a fight we will always remember,

Our leaders are caught even though they are brave,

we will always remember them in their grave,

We are the best,

better than all the rest.

By David Mc Quaid


The Rising


The people of Ireland were cold, hungry and their spirits were down.

The leaders were trying to turn the crown.

They planned for when England were busy

But when the ship sank it wouldn’t be easy


They knew victory was out of sight

They knew they would not win the fight

They were setting a path for the next generation

Which had to move England out of our location.


Even with or without Pearse

England fought very fierce

In the end the flag went up

Enough was enough


But those who signed the proclamation showed that Ireland was no pushover

And that’s why I stick to the clover

By Reuben Sheridan



The 1916 Easter Rising


Hello my name is Mary

I hope you read this 100 years from now.

I’m going to tell you

About life in 1916 and how,


In Dublin 100 years ago

Life was tough, people were poor,

We decided to fight for our own rights.

Were we going to win? We weren’t too sure!


We fought and fought

Until we had too much,

Many were dead to the touch.

By Ailbhe Clifford



Ag Siopadóireacht

 Chuaigh rang a cúig agus rang a sé ag siopadóireacht le déanaí.



Thug na páistí i rang a cúig agus rang a sé cuairt ar an bhialann.

Chuaigh rang a cúig agus rang a sé ag siopadóireacht le déanaí.


Young Scientists

We have been very busy carrying out some very interesting science experiments lately.


We measured our height and shoe size and found that there is a relationship between the two. But there are some exceptions..!

IMG_0182 IMG_0183 IMG_0184 IMG_0185

We investigated the capacity of our lungs.

IMG_0186 IMG_0187 IMG_0188 IMG_0189

…and how our lungs work…

image1 (1) image1

During Science Week recently, we participated in a science workshop in Monaghan Library.

IMG_0190 IMG_0191 IMG_0194 IMG_0195 IMG_0196 IMG_0197 IMG_0198 IMG_0199 IMG_0200 IMG_0201 IMG_0202 IMG_0203 IMG_0204 IMG_0205 IMG_0206

Alphabet Poems

The children in Rang 5 and Rang 6 got creative in making up some alphabet poems. Here are some examples of their great work.

IMG_0162 IMG_0163 IMG_0164 IMG_0167 IMG_0168

The Art Of John Constable

Rang 5 and Rang 6 studied the work of artist, John Constable. They then tried to recreate one of his landscape paintings. Their cottages turned out brilliantly.

IMG_0169 IMG_0170 IMG_0171 IMG_0172

The Teacher Took My iPod Rap

Rang 5 enjoyed performing their English poem as a rap.