Junior Infants- Mrs Deery

imageimageThe Farm was the theme we explored in S.E.S.E.imageThe farm was our integrating theme for April.Using Agri Aware’s programme Dig In as a support material we looked at the work of the farmer and learned about some of the animals that live on the farm.We learned some songs and poems based on the theme and we did a class frieze showing Old Mac Donald and his farm.We also did some cow collages.imageimageAs part of our History  we read some Irish legends. We particularly liked the story The Children of Lir and using chalk pastels we did our own illustrations of the story.imageimageWe have been very busy learning about healthy eating as part of the Food Dudes programme. We learned about different fruit and vegetables and had some tasting sessions.We learned a song called the veggie song to encourage us to  keep eating our “greens ” IMG_20160302_162121IMG_20160301_162953IMG_20160301_162840_BURST001_COVERWe were reading about the adventures Danny,Emma,Josh and Zeb had in their rocket in our reading book Wow. We decided to make our own rockets from different 2d  shapes . Don’t they look well!!IMG_20160301_163108IMG_20160301_163230In S.E.S.E. our theme for February was Transport.We learned about different modes of transport,talked about different journeys we have taken and read stories about journeys. One story we really enjoyed was Rosie’s Walk. We made maps of Rosie’s walk and made our own Rosie the hen.IMG_20160301_163538IMG_20160302_162220In Visual Art we did some looking and responding. We looked at the work of L.S. Lowry. Lowry lived in the north of England and he painted lots of pictures of factories and buildings he saw all around him he also painted simple outlines of people in his pictures. We made our own Lowry like drawings using chalk pastels.

IMG_20160302_162332In Science we were learning about different materials and their different textures and finishes. We did a material hunt in the classroom and in the school yard. We also collected pictures of things made from different materials and collected things with different textures and finishes.IMG_20160303_112214IMG_20160303_112156IMG_20160303_112020IMG_20160303_112050IMG_20160303_112121IMG_20160303_112127IMG_20160303_112151IMG_20160303_112229Thursday 3rd March was World Book Day. Junior Infants did a Book Swap. Each child took in a book they had finished reading  into school and swapped it with a friend. Then we had a Book Buddy reading session in the Halla Mór when each child in Junior Infants was paired with a child in Mrs Meehan’s Fourth class and they read the books to the infants. This proved a very enjoyable experience for all the children.IMAG0295IMAG0317IMAG0319IMAG0316It has been a very busy week 8th Feb-12th Feb 2016 on Tuesday we celebrated Shrove Tuesday and we made pancakes in class. Emmet was our chef and mixed the batter. Mrs Deery cooked the pancakes while Teresa helped us choose our toppings. Later in the week we prepared for Valentine’s Day and made some cards and Valentine mice. IMAG0253These are pictures of our houses. Another one of our themes in January was Homes and we looked at different types of homes and learned about all the people who help to build a house.IMAG0252Here are our pictures of our Owl Babies .We really enjoyed reading  the story about the Owl Babies Sarah, Percy and Bill and were glad when their  Mummy returned to the nest.
IMAG0249W e also learned about hot and cold things and hot and cold places and then we made this class collage of the Arctic. We worked in groups and using different textures and materials we made our lovely polar bears.IMAG0250 IMAG0251We have been learning about Winter and the weather associated with Winter. We read lots of stories with a Winter theme and learned some rhymes and songs about Winter too.

Look out look out Jack Frost is about

He’s after our fingers and toes,

And all through the night the gay little sprite

Is working where nobody knows.

Blow your fingers

Stamp your toes

Don’t let Jack Frost nip your nose.

We did some pictures of Jack Frost too and think they look really nice!!
2015-12-11 12.30.172015-12-11 12.30.002015-12-11 12.29.51We have been busy preparing for Christmas and made some decorations for our homes. We hope you like them we had lots of fun making them.
photo 2photo 1We read a story about Elmer the patchwork elephant and how he didn’t like being different so he tried to cover up all his colours.But his friends liked that Elmer was different and they had a special Elmer Day when they all dreesed up in his honour.Then we made our own Elmers.

We had a super time in the hall reciting all our Halloween poems and songs.

We had a super time in the hall reciting all our Halloween poems and songs.

2015-10-23 11.44.33

2015-10-23 12.32.022015-10-23 12.31.502015-10-23 12.31.472015-10-23 12.33.13We have been very busy preparing for Halloween.We learned lots of poems and songs with a Halloween theme.We dressed up in spooky costumes and performed our songs and poems for the other junior classes. We also created witch masks, skeleton pictures and scary pumpkins to decorate our homes. Hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Oíche Shamhna.

2015-10-19 09.49.53We learned a song called The Farmer has an Orchard and this inspired us to use apples for printing.
2015-10-19 09.51.432015-10-19 09.51.27This is our Autumn collage.  We painted Autumn leaves then cut them out. We also made squirrels with lovely bushy tails.
imageIn S.E.S.E. we have been learning about Autumn and the changes that take place in Autumn. We have seen the beautiful colours of the trees in Autumn and decided to paint our own Autumn trees.
imageWe hope you like our spiders and that they don’t frighten you away like they did Miss Muffet. We made our spiders using our handprints.
2015-09-21 10.22.272015-09-21 10.22.18We read the popular tale about the Little Gingerbread Man and then we painted our own gingerbread men they look really  good, good  enough to eat!!!
2015-09-21 10.11.272015-09-21 10.11.36We learned some nursery rhyme sand we really liked the rhyme about Humpty Dumpty so we decided to make our own Humpty. Don’t they look cute!2015-09-21 10.23.26

2015-09-21 10.22.59We started school on 1st September 2015. There are 29 pupils in our class. We are all different,  we are all special but we all belong.