Green Schools Project

We were delighted to receive our 2nd Green Flag for the theme of Energy in May 2015.

Here are some examples of the work we did to achieve this flag.

Each term the committee met to discuss what needed to be done within and outside the school so that we could get the flag.

Here are an example of the minutes from one of our meetings:

Meeting: Wednesday 11th December at 3.00pm


Teachers:                                 Mrs Deery, Mrs Meehan,

Care Takers:                                      Claire and Freddy Carbin,

Tidy Towns Representatives:    Madge Coyle, Alice Daly and Jimmy Connolly

Parents:                                    Mrs. Bernie Mc Elwain and Mrs. Marie Mc Phillips

Environmental Officer:             Nial O’ Connor


Paul Mc Phillips      – Rang 6

Jamie Sherry        – Rang 5

Matthew Mc Quaid          – Rang 4

Dannielle Boylan     – Rang 3

Max Maguire         – Rang 2

Alicia Mc Kenna     – Rang 1

Apologies from: Conor Foley (parent), Gareth Sherry (parent), Emma Mallen and Sorcha Deery (pupils were attending a practice for the school choir.


·         Mrs Deery welcomed everyone.

·         Mrs Meehan said she would take notes at the meetings from now on.

·         Matthew Mc Quaid gave an account of the Mad Proffesor workshop which was enjoyed by 3rd/4th/5th class.

·         Nial O’ Connor then spoke and told us what we need to do over the next two years.

The following is a list of jobs for us to do:

1.     Make a list of what uses energy in the school.

2.    Find out how much energy we use in the school during the day, at night and at the weekend.

3.    Find out how much oil we use to heat the school and P.E. hall.

·         Mrs Deery thanked Niall. She also said we need to keep recycling over Christmas. She reminded everyone to bring in old used batteries to school for collection.

·         The meeting ended at 3.45pm.

Another important part of the Green Schools Project is the Action Plan. By making an Action Plan the committee decide what they want the whole school to achieve and who and when will do it.  By following the Action Plan our school will become more aware of the energy we use and how to save energy.

Here are some examples from the Action Plan. If you would like to see the whole Action Plan, it is on display on the Green Schools Noticeboard in the school.

– ‘Turn it off’ and ‘Close the Door’ posters in both English + Irish to be displayed throughout the schools.
– Conduct a Lighting Audit

– Conduct an Appliance Audit

– Write energy saving tips to be sent home and encourage each family to make ‘energy pledge’. Pledges to be displayed on Noticeboard.