Comments on Action Day April 2012

Day of Action

On 20th April 2012, 5th Class in Urbleshanny N.S. took part in a Tidy Up in Scotstown village.

All the children were very excited and were put into nine groups of three or more pupils. With the help of five parents, Mr Cuddy, Celine, Jimmy Connolly, and Mackey Rooney, they got it done! Certain groups had different places like St. Mary’s Chapel, The Millennium Garden, the village and around the school.

There were three different bags for rubbish: waste, bottles and cans, and recyclables. Plenty of rubbish was picked up and Scotstown is now very clean!

Tori Jade Mc Ginnity

Fifth class were asked to pick up as much litter as they could to get a green flag for Urblehshanny N.S. Thankfully they were not on their own, some very generous adults came to help them out, and of course, they had their teacher, Mr Cuddy.

The class were split up into different groups and each group was split up into different areas. I have a strong feeling that most of us had quite a lot of fun. It was only picking up litter but there was some exploration too!

It is so careless of people to just throw a tin can in a field or drop a bottle in the bush and expect someone else to pick it up. Well Fifth Class have done all they can so let’s just hope it’s enough to get a green flag.

Ryan Donaghy

On Friday the 20th April 2012, our class, fifth, went on a litter pick up around Scotstown. We were split up into groups. Some of the students parents, Mackey Rooney and Jimmy Connolly from the Tidy Towns Committee helped us as well.

I was in a group with Marie and Adam. Marie’s mum was minding us. We went down to St. Mary’s Hall and cleaned around there. Then we cleaned inside the hedge in the Afterschool. There was lots of bottles and cans all under the hedge. There were also lots of crisps packets and sweet wrappers.

I had the normal bin bag (rubbish), Marie had the plastic bottle bag and the litter picker, and Adam had the bag for cans and gloves. We started at half one and finished at quarter to three. We all had safety jackets.

Our group was the last group back. My bag of rubbish was nearly full. I hope that we made a big difference in Scotstown. I really wish people wouldn’t litter as much as they do. It is a disgrace.

Grace Duffy


Our big clean up day was one of the events we need to complete to receive a green flag for our school. The clean up was held on Friday the 20th of April. Mr Cuddy put us into nine groups and we were all given high visibility vests, litter pickers, gloves and bin bags.

Our group had from Centre shop back to the school to clean up. We collected a lot of glass bottles, paper wrappers, tin cans, and plastic bottles. When we arrived back at the school with our bags of litter, we placed them at the wall of the school. We could not believe the amount of litter we collected in such a short distance.

Ciara Hackett