Parents’ Association

The role of the Parents’ Association is a partnership between the school and the parents:

  • Supporting the aims and objectives of the school.
  • Working together to ensure the smooth operation of the school by adhering to agreed policies and procedures.
  • To identify and make available the skills and talents of individual parents that may be of value to the school.
  • To enable parents to contribute to an enhanced learning environment for pupils.
  • It’s an opportunity to network with and support other parents.

The Parents’ Association aim to meet at least once during each term.

Typical activities undertaken by the Parents’ Association may include:

  • Providing opportunities for parents to meet informally and discuss relevant issues.
  • Supporting the school with the organisation of special events e.g. First Communion and Christmas, Retirements, Sports.
  • Organising guest speakers to address parents.
  • Supporting the Principal and staff with projects that they undertake such as the Green School Initiative.

Currently the Parents’ Association do not have a role in fundraising as the Tylotto envelopes contribute monies to the school.

The Parents’ Association Committee Members are:

  • Chairperson:            Carol Keyes
  • Secretary:                  Caroline McArdle
  • Treasurer:                 Caroline Caulfield


Contact Information:

    • Carol Keyes: 086-1724396
    • Email coming soon.